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  • The Way to Hire More Rockstar Women

    11 January

    We’ll never get enough women out of the bottom of the funnel if we don’t get more into the top.   It may sound simple. But it’s...

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  • Iceland hopes to get rid of the gender pay gap with a revolutionary new law

    11 January

    Iceland hopes to get rid of the gender pay gap with a revolutionary new law By The World staff • 1 hour ago Related Program: The...

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  • 4 Ways To Help Employees Find Meaning At Work

    11 January

    For many employeees, having a personal sense of meaning in their work is even more important than compensation.

    Here’s a grim...

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Latest research

  • Opinion: Job Interview Without Gender

    Masking candidates’ identities to avoid sexism is a nice idea. But it won’t work.

    For this and more articles from PWN Global,

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  • Queen bees: Do women hinder the progress of other women?

    Image copyright Getty Images "Women leaders are role models and mentors to other women and girls." That was the claim made in a...

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  • Research Proves Meditation Can Cure Workaholics

    By Charlotte Giver

    Drowning under the weight of a never-ending to-do list? Having to push personal ambition to one-side? The...

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